Brad William Henke talks working with Taylor Schilling

Our lovely Piscatella (with an s) has all the praise for Taylor Schilling 🙂


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This scene… This scene… What a huge scene. I'd been keeping this secret about my character from the cast and crew for weeks. The scene was scheduled to be last scene of the day, so I was due to have all day free before I went to work about 6pm. I was going to sleep in, do my thing where I work out and take a walk around the city and then write in my journal all as Piscatella, then go try and kill this scene. 👮🏻 But it was raining in the morning so the production called and woke me out of a dead sleep to rush me in at 7am because they were shooting outside scenes and if it kept raining they would have to go inside and shoot mine instead. So I threw on some clothes and jumped on the subway, rushing to work like a real New Yorker. Well, it stopped raining before I got there… so I sat in my trailer for 12 hours😁 I sat there so long I forgot all my lines so I called my friend G.O. in LA and ran my lines over the phone. By the time we got to this scene at 9pm, we had to rush as we only had one hour to shoot it. I hate when stuff like that happens especially when then scene is so important to my character. But @tayjschilling was amazing to work with. She is one of the most generous, ego-less actors I have ever met. She loves acting and always tries new things in the scenes. We didn't talk in between takes; we kept it between our characters, which I love , It felt so real reacting to her and she naturally reacted to whatever I did and the scene took on a life, the feeling of losing yourself completely in this other world. I love that. Live for that… Her reaction at the big reveal was priceless (as many of you have pointed out). It has even become a meme 😋 Thank you, Taylor. ❤️ @oitnb @netflix #Piscatella

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