Taylor Schilling and Jessica Pimentel talk about the branding scene in Orange Is The New Black Episode 7

Taylor Schilling and Jessica Pimentel talk about the branding scene in Orange Is The New Black Episode 7


From THR

Jessica Pimentel (Maria Ruiz): The show needed to go there because some people were thinking this was a cute subject matter, and falling in love with the characters.We’re in the dirtiest, grimiest place on earth. We have to remind you every once in a while: This is not cute, this is serious. The scene was very difficult emotionally, physically and technically. Emotionally because we actually like each other, so it was hard to watch. The fight was choreographed so we had to rehearse it several times and things go wrong. There was one point when I got nauseous, we had to take a break and and I was just an observer. So many things happen that are so powerful, and nobody phoned it in. [Between takes], I stayed in character, I didn’t check in with [Taylor] and ask, “Are you okay?” We shot it at night with no one around. It was dark with a small crew, super intense and no one else got to be there. Usually there are a lot of distractions, like dogs running around and craft services — but this was about just doing it as realistically as possible and I think we hit it.

Taylor Schilling (Piper Chapman): The consequences of her actions are [the hardest part for Piper this season] and then she has to figure out why she did what she did. [It’s all about] consequences … It changes her. I don’t know if she bounces back. There are things that happen this season that make an indelible imprint on who Piper is as a person. She’s a bit stronger and a bit more wary. There’s a loss of openness.

You can read more over at THR


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