Samira Wiley and Uzo Aduba talk about their dinner with Taylor Schilling and Kate Mulgrew

Samira Wiley and Uzo Aduba talk about their dinner with Taylor Schilling and Kate Mulgrew


From NY Times (Samara Wiley)

Any regrets?

S.W.: I never had a scene with Kate Mulgrew [who plays Red], and we live across the street from each other. I’ve been with her from the beginning, and I think there’s a part of her that feels a little motherly, a little protective. She sent me an email after she read the script and said she needed to have me over for dinner. It was me, her, Taylor [Schilling] and Uzo. We had a night and it was beautiful, and we cried and we ate amazing food and we drank wine. And I don’t know who would have known I needed exactly that other than Kate.

From Variety: (Uzo Aduba)

Going back to Samira’s last episodes, I read that Kate Mulgrew organized a dinner for you, Samira and Taylor Schilling. What was that like? I know Kate loves to cook.

She’s a legit phenomenal cook. It was amazing. We are a family, a tribe. I love those women — I’m not going to cry because I’m about to go to an event and I have my makeup on — but I love them. Their talent, their spirits, everything. We sat and we talked and we laughed. Kate and Samira live literally right across the street from each other. It was awesome, that’s our crew. We had a magical night and it felt like one of the last times while we’re still working to have one of those dinners where we’re all together. Samira is going to be in my life forever. If she wasn’t in my life, I’d kill her. She has no choice. She’s stuck with me. But I was just really thankful that Kate organized that for us. It was emotional, a very emotional night. One I won’t soon forget.


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