Discussion Post: Orange Is The New Black’ Season 4

Here’s a discussion post for ‘Orange Is The New Black’ season 4


Have you binge watched season 4 of OITNB? Do you want to discuss it with other fellow inmates and don’t be reminded of ‘beware of spoilers’? Here’s your chance!

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  1. Where do I begin? This season was so so good on so many levels. As the cast said in many interviews, it really was the darkest and best season yet so far.

    I was a bit scared when I started to watch season 4. What happened to Alex? How are the new inmates going to fit in Litchfield? What’s going to happen to Piper now that she’s all gangsta with an a? What’s with the Latinas?

    Let’s begin with that I really liked all the new friendships and storylines; it was very well executed and so real. You didn’t have the feeling the writers made something up to get the show going or because they didn’t know what to do else. Also the fact that all cast had equal screen time this season was good and it shows how every person, every story is important and no one is left behind.
    Thanks to this we were able to learn something more about the old and new inmates. It was nice to see Frieda interact with Alex, Lolly and Red.
    Don’t get me started on the scenes between Mr. Healy and Lolly. I never liked Mr. Healy but in this season we’ve seen him at his best and that he really cares about his inmates. His interaction with Lolly was so touching.
    Soso and Poussey.. I still can’t get over the end of episode 12. I never saw it coming. First the writers gave us a happy couple with a star struck Poussey thanks to Judy King and then this.

    I could go on and on about the other characters but let’s talk about Piper and how amazing Taylor Schilling was this season. There are no words to describe her perfection of playing Piper Chapman. She showed once again why she’s still the main character of the show and so damn important. Yes, her screen time is not the same as in Season 1 or 2, but all her scenes are important and tied to the main and side storylines.
    Taylor managed to show us a different version of Piper, a dark Piper who doesn’t care about other ppl except herself and yet someone who tries to protect ‘her’ people.
    The first 5-6 episodes Piper was this gangsta who wants to be tough and respected by other inmates, but no one really was scared of her. All the scenes were just fun to watch. The real and great acting started in episode 7 where Taylor showed us what an amazing actress she is. The last scene of the episode was so painful to watch and I will never be able to watch it without tears in my eyes (same goes for the final scene in episode 8).
    There’s a OITNB review from Vanity Fair where it says that the best acting of the show is the cornfield scene with Piper, Alex and Nicky. I couldnt agree more. Many might not see it as a important scene but for me it was. For me this was the scene where Piper stopped being the gangsta she thought she was and realized she needs Alex and the old friendships to the other inmates such as Nicky or Moreno. And the protection of Red.
    I liked how we’ve seen a slow building of the relationship between Alex and Piper this season. It was finally about them being best friends who love each other and not only them as lovers.

    I’m really satisfied with this season and really happy on how Vauseman ended this season. Let’s hope they’ll have a peaceful season for once and we won’t have to worry about their relationship status but that’s not how Alex and Piper tick, right? πŸ˜‰

  2. Season 4 of OITNB was amazing and not like any of the other seasons we’ve seen before. There was much more drama between the new inmates as well as with the recurring characters and illustrated a darker side that we’ve never really seen before in Litchfield. I experienced so many different emotions throughout the entire season and some important social issues were brought to light which I thought made every scene interesting and important for viewers to see. I really loved how Piper acted in every scene with such emotion and Taylor really captured her character showing the confidence and power she has gained while still also showing her vulnerability within herself. The whole cast did an incredible job and I’m so excited to see what next season has in store for us!πŸ˜„πŸŠβ€οΈπŸŽ¬

    • I like how you mentioned the social issues because it’s amazing how they captured the current situation even though they filmed the season months ago. Especially the death of Poussey and how the MMC treated it.

  3. I finished watching OITNB season 4 and I have to say that I wish they had been more background scenes into Alex’s story. Maybe more flashbacks from when she was in the drug ring and also more of her and Piper. My favorite character is Piper (I love Taylor Schilling) so I know I may not be neutral in my comments but I do think I have a valid point for it. See, Piper is the main character and at times it feels like we know more about the guards than about Piper herself. That’s one thing I did not appreciate much about this season. But I can’t say that it was disappointing either, on the contrary, Orange is by far one of the best TV shows ever. But I do hope that in S5 they go back to basics and explore a lot more about Piper and Alex relationship. That would definitely be amazing to watch.

    • This is one of my hopes for the next season as well; as much as I like the other backstories of the other inmates, I want to see more from Piper and Alex’s life before Litchfield. Either together or apart.

  4. Season 4: OITNB…all I can say is, WOW! The season just got better and better as it went along. I began watching the night of June 18 (Saturday) and stayed awake to finish the season at 5AM the next day! I even had to get up for work a couple hours later! I felt groggy all of Sunday during work, but it was worth it! I was raving about the show to many of my co-workers. I’ve even allowed one of them to borrow my DVDs seasons 1 – 3 since they don’t have high speed internet…

    Anyway, I was so happy Piper returned to her old self halfway through the season. After being branded with the Nazi symbol (which was hard to watch – I cried during that scene), I think she realized she needed to come back to her senses. I think that was her ‘rock bottom’ moment. It was refreshing to see her to come back to her true self and befriend everyone again. I was especially overjoyed that Alex and Piper got back together as well. I loved how the writers made us fans go through the entire season and waited until the end to learn their fate together. With each episode, that’s what I was waiting for. The anticipation was great!!!

    It was a surprise to see Ruby Rose (Stella) appear for a cameo. That was not expected. I didn’t care much for her character in season 3 (mainly due to the weirdness of seeing her with Piper and stealing her money), but it was a surprise to see her for a minute. Ruby has grown on me this past year. I never knew who she was until OITNB…I wouldn’t mind seeing her return for season 5 as long as she doesn’t come between Piper and Alex!!! Piper and Alex belong together!!!

    The finale of the show was fantastic when all the inmates followed Piper with rising up. However, it was sad that at the same time this was taking place, Poussey passed away. Again, I cried here too. It was a dark season, but it is prison. I believe season 4 is the strongest season!!!

    Taylor Schilling is such a amazing actress! I think she has shown she can go above and beyond with her acting talents in season 4! I’m really convinced she will be up for another Emmy nomination and when that happens, I will be watching and cheering her on to win it! She deserves it so much! GO TAYLOR!!!

    Speaking of Taylor, I first discovered her a couple of years ago when she appeared in the Nicholas Spark’s film, “The Lucky One!” I thought she was beautiful! I didn’t know much about her at the time. In 2014, my ex-girlfriend decided to watch season 1 of OITNB because season 2 was about to be released. She felt she needed to be refreshed of the events that happened. I watched it with her and to my surprise, there was Taylor! OMG! Immediately, I was hooked! The show and other cast members grew on me as the season progressed. The rest they say is history! Lol…

    Whenever I watch interviews of Taylor, I see a beautiful soul. Always smiling, always laughing (and snorting too…lol), and always very polite! She’s very real. I think what we see in interviews is the true Taylor. So real, even gag reels show it and even a few scenes in OITNB, I can see that quirky/cute side of her. I’ve even heard her snort on OITNB a couple of times too! In season 1 when she was talking to Alex while explaining she spelled Tastee wrong on the banner and hanging it up and season 3 while making panties looking at a catalog (talking to girl with tear under eye). It’s just so cute! I’ve even caught her snorting a bit on the show “Mercy” as well. This is what I admire her the most for. Her vibrant, cheerful, and happy personality. She would be the type of person I could sit and talk to for hours about everything and anything and laugh to the point of our stomachs hurting. She would be such a fun person!!!

    Congratulations Taylor on all your success so far. I wish you all the best and all the happiness in the world!!!

    Warm hugs…. =)

  5. I cannot fathom how Taylor Schilling still hasn’t been recognized as one who deserves at least a nomination, though more an Emmy for this season. Episode/s 7 or 8 alone can thrust her up in the stratosphere of great acting!

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