Taylor Schilling Birthday Video Project by @simplyschilling


From Simply Schilling:

Hello Taylor Schilling fans,

I’m planning to make a birthday video for Taylor soon. Since her birthday is in July I want to start as early as I can so I can get more people to participate to be able to include as much stuff as possible in the video! If you would like to participate please send me any of the following:

– A Short (7 seconds maximum) video wishing Taylor a happy birthday.
-A picture of you holding a decorated sign that says “Happy Birthday Taylor”
– A picture showing a bowl of oatmeal with fruit and berries that form the words “Happy Bday Taylor” in the oatmeal
– A picture of you kissing a flower and holding a sign that says “Happy Birthday Taylor”😘
– OITNB Drawings/ drawings of Taylor
– Edits/ photo collages of Taylor
– A video of a few fans (at least 3 people) singing happy birthday together holding a banner that says  “Happy Birthday Taylor”
– a short video clip of you blowing out birthday candles on a decorated bday cake
– a short video clip showing a drawing that says “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAYLOR” written on the sand at the – beach with the ocean water washing over the writing
– a short video clip showing a few fans with balloons saying “Happy Birthday Taylor, We Love You” and then releasing the balloons into the sky

– make a donation to Time For Change Foundation, take a screenshot of it and send it to Simply Schilling

Deadline: Friday July 22

Send your stuff to 
My Twitter: @simplyschilling
or by
Email: mcsmiler94@yahoo.com


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