Kate Mulgrew talks Taylor Schilling and Piper Chapman


From Express

Initially the series’ protagonist, fans and critics have argued online that she has been sidelined as the narrative has progressed, in favour of a more diverse ensemble set-up.

Be that as it may, Mulgrew was keen to tell press including Express.co.uk that Schilling is doing a stellar job playing a very difficult character.

“Piper continues to be a controversial character but she’s not, in my mind,” she said.

“She’s absolutely essential. Taylor Schilling plays her like a dream. I’m telling you this because I know it! I’m with her a lot and this actress and character are getting criticised for all the wrong reasons.”

The former Star Trek favourite added: “She has to walk the line, I don’t have to do that. Red is a straight arrow, but she has to be equally funny and sad; proud and stupid. And she is all of those things all of the time.

“She’s a very, very fine actress. She really is.”

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