New Taylor Schilling interview with Totaal TV

New Taylor Schilling interview with Totaal TV


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Taylor Schilling returns for the fourth season of Orange is the New Black woman back to prison Litchfield. Piper Chapman if she’s there lost its innocence.

We see Piper in changing the first three seasons of a somewhat anxious fish out of water to The Godfather of worn panties trade. How was that for you?
“Since Piper in prison, there are new side of her upper Or rather, who were already in case it is a bit like drilling for oil.. You must pass through many layers before you get to the core. ”

And at its core it is Godfather of worn panties trade?
“I do not think Piper is trying to take on all the roles she does it as if the clothing is:.. They may already know something does not suit her, but want to try it anyway I like that about her..”

You will not talk about the fourth season. But you could say if it was what you hoped for Piper?
“That was not it, but that’s because I anyway not speculate about what will happen to her. If I’ve learned one thing about working for TV, it’s that you should let your own expectations and ideas. At a film you know in advance how it ends, on TV never it’s a kind of roller coaster;. you’re going to sit in it and does see where it leads. ”

Orange is the New Black is based on the autobiographical book by Piper Kerman. To what extent seems “your” Piper Chapman still on her?
“Not much more. But it was soon so. The Pipers have always been different. Even if it is only because Piper Chapman is a fictional character and Piper Kerman a real person. Our roads are already separated in the first season.”

Do you still have contact with the other Piper, the real?
“Yes, because I occasionally do a project with the Women’s Prison Association, an organization dedicated to female prisoners. Piper is sitting there on the board.”

Stick your some of that for your role?
“I do not. It’s not research, I try to contribute something to. My role has me there, of course, to be inspired. Through Orange is the New Black opened my eyes to the suffering
that takes place among women in prisons. ”

Orange is the New Black is the most watched own series from Netflix. Do you have something?
“I am especially something that we really push boundaries. Whether it comes to homosexuality, racial issues, transsexuals, women’s issues in general or in prison in particular. I’m really proud of.”

You can read the interview in Dutch here | Via

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