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She’s got one of the best jobs on TV playing Orange Is The New Black‘s Piper Chapman and her work takes her all over the world but our July cover star, Taylor Schilling, admits that at times it can all get a bit much.

“It’s so nice [to film OITNB in New York] because it really prevents overwhelm,” she says. The actress and most of her co-stars live in Brooklyn. “We go on trips together, go out and eat and sometimes do museums…

Travelling, which is a really exciting part of my job, is also a bit disorientating…”

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It’s no wonder it’s disorientating. Taylor has been working non-stop since last summer. In December, after wrapping on a six-month shoot for the fourth series of OITNB (which lands on Netflix on 17 June), she flew to Gran Canaria for film project The Titan. That completed at the end of March, she had a four-day stop in London, and then headed to LA where she was on location until the beginning of May.

“I’ve been project-hopping this whole year. A lot of the time I’m shooting six days a week, which I kind of love because when I get in the flow of the project, I love going for it, but your body catches up with you. I’m so close to the finish line.”

She adds, “It’s deeply difficult. It’s not having a break in between. My body is not used to it. I miss my friends a lot, and I miss rest. I’m very much a creature of habit. I do well with a routine. You can reach maximum capacity and then I feel like I’ve hit a wall.”

She adds, “You feel lonely but also so deeply plugged in with your work and you forget almost. But then it gets to the weekend when I do remember and it’s like, ‘Gosh, I haven’t talked to anybody in real life for a week. I’ve only been talking to fake people, my fake friends and my fake family.’ It’s so crazy…”

Orange Is The New Black returns for a fourth series on 17 June. Her character Piper has become known for her complicated love life and intense sex scenes with Laura Prepon (Alex).

“They’re pretty easy,” she says. “To me it’s a bit of choreography, then everyone is on their way home. It’s not comfortable, but it’s simple. For Laura and me it’s just old hat now.”

There are limits though and Taylor does have a nudity clause.

“I don’t know who wouldn’t,” she says. “But nobody is trying to sneak a nipple in there without telling you. Or an errant pubic hair!”

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