New Interview of Taylor Schilling with EOnline

Taylor Schilling talks about her new partnership with Origins 


From E!Online:

Within a few hours, the photo received almost 46,000 likes.

“This is a partnership I’m really excited about because Origins also values natural ingredients and natural products and things that are equally as beneficial for your skin as they are for the planet,” the actress tells me. “It’s a small way that I try to take care of the earth as well as myself.”

Schilling’s work doesn’t stop with Origins: “I make a concerted effort to recycle and to try not to use products from companies that are hurting our planet.”

She added, “I spend a lot of time in nature. I spend a lot of time appreciating it. It’s something that I value in my personal life when I have time off—to be outdoors as much as a I can.”


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