Worldwide Giveaway: Win An OITNB Photo Autographed by Taylor Schilling, The Overnight DVD and Piper Chapman Funko Pop

We’re giving away an awesome prize pack


The prize pack includes:

– Piper Chapman Funko Pop 
– The Overnight DVD 
– Piper Chapman photo signed by Taylor Schilling

Here’s what you have to do to enter:

1) Leave a comment below

2) Follow our site on Twitter here

3) Like our page on Facebook here

4) Retweet this tweet here

This Contest is international!

You have until Thursday, March 31st, at 11:59PM PT to enter.

All comments will be numbered and the winner will be picked using

*Only one entry per person please*

We will number the comments. If we haven’t numbered your comment yet, don’t worry. We’ll do it as soon as we can


44 comments on “Worldwide Giveaway: Win An OITNB Photo Autographed by Taylor Schilling, The Overnight DVD and Piper Chapman Funko Pop

  1. Elena says:

    1) Taylor is one the most sexy, cute and talent actress I have ever had the honour to follow… She is over the Top! Lots of love Tay! 😘💓😘


  2. Sol says:

    2) Well, you got me with the “worldwide” and “international” part! That’s awesome guys, nice job! Greetings from Argentina.


  3. francesca says:

    3) graTzie Taylor di esistere!


  4. Anna Liza Roque says:

    4) I love Taylor Schilling she’s beautiful insideandout,cutest hollywood star and talented actrees.She makes my day complete😘.


  5. Dayna Bartlett says:

    5) Love, love, LOVE OITNB!!!! So refreshing to see complex women portrayed by complex women. Taylor is phenomenal.


  6. Aaron Humphrey says:

    6) Wow, Just stumbled across this and so glad I did, this would be amazing to win.


  7. Melissa Favazza says:

    7) Awesome! This is very kind of you ☺


  8. Kat says:

    8) Taylor schilling will take over the world someday and make the it a happier place.


  9. gina auletta says:

    9) this giveaway is amazing👌🏽


  10. Daniela Aguilar says:

    10) Good job guys!! Taylor deserves more recognition.

    Hugs from México


  11. Annette Ciotola says:

    11) Here’s to hoping I win!! All done, thanks!


  12. Danielle T says:

    12) YAAS! Who doesn’t love Tay 😍


  13. wowsparkles says:

    13) Ooh this giveaway is so great! I ❤Taylor so much! She is beautiful and such an amazing woman!


  14. harshidakp says:

    14) Well wow this is great actually and Taylor is such a amezing actress and she’s beautiful ❤️
    I love her smile 🙈💖


  15. Caroline aqllen says:

    15) Taylor is my Angel ❤️


  16. 16) Done all of them! Thank you so much for this opportunity!
    My twitter: @TwilightBizarre and my facebook: Lara Majcan


  17. Anya Ellis says:

    17) What an amazing giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity of participating 🙂 I love Taylor oh so very much– words can’t even describe! It’d be


  18. juli clemente says:

    18 )Tay is an amazing actress and human being, its so great to know that with this role she got a way of representing so well women that is fighting for freedom. I’m so proud of her and this giveaway is great.


  19. ksamsel says:

    19) Taylor Schilling is my spirit animal! What an incredible woman.


  20. Francesca Ziggy says:

    20) on Fb i like you and i’am Francesca Croci,on Twitter @FraZiggy


  21. Shannon A. says:

    21) Only a few short months for more new OITNB!


  22. Jess (amenvause) says:

    22) With that “worldwide” part y’all got me. Thank you so much for doing this. Is so beautiful. Taylo is a sunshine, she deserves the best always.


  23. Letícia says:

    23) Taylor is a sweet woman. Talented, beautiful and funny. She deserves nothing but the best and all the love of the world.


  24. bill norris says:

    24) what a cool giveaway


  25. Carys Holland says:

    25) Ah this give away is amazing, thank you for this! i’ve done all of the rules 🙂


  26. Ghita says:

    26) Taylor is honestly one of the rare people that i look up to and i’ve been following her work since mercy and to win this give away would mean so much to me and the worldwide shipping is just so cool because of where i live


  27. Penny says:

    27) I love Taylor Jane Schilling forever and ever. Great fanpage ❤


  28. teressa miller (oliver) says:

    28) Piper and Alex…cant wait for the new season to start. Count me as a fan of Taylor


  29. @OITNBanter says:

    29) Awesome giveaway!!


  30. Francine Stucke says:

    30) I found a new obsession and it’s Piper and Alex…


  31. clbahr says:

    31) Love Taylor. Thanks so much for the opportunity


  32. @pipertay says:

    32) Awesome competition good luck to everyone 💁🏼


  33. Tasha says:

    33) Thank you for this awesome giveaway!
    Goodluck everyone 🙂


  34. Claire says:

    34) Love a wee competition to myself! thanks guys! X


  35. 35) I heart Taylor Schilling and her work! This prize giveaway is so amazing🙌🏻😍


  36. theshadow982 says:

    36) I Love Taylor Schilling!! She is so amazing and beautiful!! This giveaway is going to be wonderful gift!!😀😀😍


  37. Antony says:

    37) Looking forward to the new season!


  38. Francesca says:

    38) She’s so goofy… Wish I could hug her!!!!


  39. Megan says:

    39) Nice giveaway!


  40. Natalia Leiton says:

    40) I love Taylor so much!! She is a lovely person, I love my Chaylobean 💓😍


  41. lernac says:

    41) Wow okay I’m so fan of Taylor and this made me happy even if I’m probably not gonna win ! I send you a kiss from France, much love 😘


  42. Hannah Huynh says:

    42) I am absolutely in love with Tay Tay and OItnb !! Tay is a beautiful from inside out and definitely a great actress !! I would love to win those prices 😍😍😍


  43. 43) Cool Giveaway!! Thanks for the chance 🙂


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