Laura Prepon mentions Piper Chapman and OITNB in new interview with ‘The New Potato’


From The New Potato

What’s been your most inspiring revelation on Orange Is The New Blackso far?

I always knew this, but being on a show like this reiterates it; it’s all about the work, and the moment-to-moment with my fellow actors. On OINTB, we are stripped of hair/makeup/fun fancy clothes…what’s left is the acting. It’s all about the acting. It’s been the most freeing, amazing experience.

Did you expect it to be as popular as it is? What have you learned from playing Alex?

You can only hope a project you work on takes off like OITNB has. It’s like capturing lightning in a bottle. I’ve learned so many things from Alex. She’s tough, vulnerable, smart and a total badass. She pushes me to expand everyday in my work. I’ve really learned that you can’t control where your heart goes. For better or worse, she loves Piper. And no matter what they do to each other, she would be there for her, because she loves her

Read Laura’s full interview here


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