DISCUSSION POST: ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Season 7

Have you already binge watched the last season of OITNB? Do you want to discuss it with other fellow inmates and don’t be reminded of ‘beware of spoilers’? Here’s your chance!

  • What do you think of the last season?
  • How did you like Piper’s storyline in the last season?
  • What’s your favorite Piper scene?
  • What about the other characters? Were you rooting for Tiffany? Suzanne and the chickens?

Feel free to talk about anything!



Merry Christmas from all of us here at TSFS

Merry Christmas from all of us here at TSFS


We wanted to take a few moments today to wish you all a Happy Holiday season.

May your holidays be filled with love and happiness, family and friends. Cherish the moments you spend with your loved ones, these are moments you will never get back, so take the time to appreciate each and every one of them. To those of you who will be spending the holidays alone due to family being too far away, husbands being overseas or for any other reason whatsoever we’d like to say that we are with you in spirit during this holiday season. We know that this can’t replace the real thing but we hope that the thought will at least warm your heart.

Love and best wishes from all of us here at TSFS

Thanks to Mickey for the lovely edit 😉