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NEW PROJECT: Taylor Schilling part of ‘Queen Of Bones’

Taylor Schilling to star in  ‘Queen Of Bones’ 

From Deadline

Julia Butters (The Fabelmans), Jacob Tremblay (Room), Martin Freeman (Fargo) and Taylor Schilling (Pam & Tommy) have been tapped as the leads for the folk horror filmQueen of Bones, from Appian Way, Lumanity Productions and Productivity Media, which has entered production in Canada.

Queen of Bones follows twin siblings Lily (Butters) and Sam (Tremblay) who live at a remote homestead with their widowed father, Malcolm (Freeman), a violinmaker in 1931 Oregon. When Lily and Sam find an Icelandic spell book in the cellar, they begin to suspect a connection between their mother’s death and dark forces in the woods. They then embark on a dangerous mission to force their father and his friend, Ida May (Schilling), to reveal the truth.

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New interview and photoshoot of Taylor Schilling

New interview and photoshoot of Taylor Schilling with ODDA Magazine

From ODDA Magazine

Having one of the most infectious personalities in all of Hollywood, Taylor Schilling is a Golden Globe nominated and Screen Actors Guild award winning actress who is a massive ball of energy and talent. Known for her roles as Piper Chapman in “Orange is the New Black” and most recently as Erica Gauthier in “Pam and Tommy,” she is keeping as busy as ever as she meets with ODDA from her East Williamsburg, Brooklyn Airbnb in between shooting scenes for the new Apple TV+ drama “Dear Edward.” As a fellow Bostonian myself, Taylor and I started off talking about our shared “New York City is the only place to be” pipeline before diving into her playing a character who played a vital role in the Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee sex tape scandal and our shared obsession with her dog Tank. How would I sum up Taylor in four words? Perhaps the same as what she called me: “You’re a fucking doll.”

VINCENT PERELLA. Hi Taylor! To start, as a native Bostonian myself, can you tell me about growing up there and right outside the city?
TAYLOR SCHILLING. I grew up in West Roxbury and then I did a few years in Wayland for middle school, which is west of Boston. I was lucky to get a lot of life experience in terms of different schools and different people in kind of like a wacko teenage way. It laid a foundation for me to feel very brave and chase things I wanted to do. I experienced Boston as this sort of potpourri of different locations. I had spent some time at a boarding school for the arts and that sort of plugged me to the Huntington Theater in the city. Once there, I felt really in my scene being around the theater/art people. Once I found that community, it led me directly to New York City.


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AUDIO: New interview of Taylor Schilling on ‘The Fearless Podcast with Bamby and Maria’

New interview of Taylor Schilling on ‘The Fearless Podcast with Bamby and Maria’

In this episode, actress Taylor Schilling from the acclaimed Netflix series Orange Is the New Black joins hosts Bamby Salcedo and Maria Roman to talk about how her recovery and how learning to trust the journey has taught her that nothing is broken and there is nothing to fix. These life lessons show up in her work as an artist, and this episode is full of memorable moments that will inspire you.

This episode was recorded on March 13, 2022.  In the episode, you will hear about Catherine Nakhabi Omanyo. You can read more about Catherine Nakhabi Omanyo here

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